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"Mama Love and Her Spilled Milk"

Audiobook Sample: 5 minutes

Written by Jimmy Andrews

Narrated by Vicki Jo Eva


Liz Fletcher as the Patient

Susan Lavelle as the Therapist

Debra Gordon as Mom

William W. Wallace as the Boyfriend

Jimmy Andrews as the Husband

Peter McGiffen as the Detective

Candyce Weir as the Prosecutor

Jennifer Still as the Receptionist

Andrew Hobdy as the Attorney

Anna Heath as the Caretaker







"Mama Love and Her Spilled Milk"

Listen to the first 3 Chapters FREE!

Written by Jimmy Andrews

Narrated by Vicki Jo Eva


Liz Fletcher as the Patient

Susan Lavelle as the Therapist

Debra Gordon as Mom

William W. Wallace as the Boyfriend

Jimmy Andrews as the Husband

Peter McGiffen as the Detective

Candyce Weir as the Prosecutor

Jennifer Still as the Receptionist

Andrew Hobdy as the Attorney

Anna Heath as the Caretaker







Why Old Men Cry

Lyrics by Dick Gaughan


A music video performed by The Vanilla Pirates.

Piano and Vocals by Zoe Brush

 Violin by Nino Chikviladze 


'MIMIC' Investment Opportunity


Get YOUR NAME on the credits!   Receive a TAX CREDIT!

Choose your own CAST MEMBER in our next film!

Tell us what you need in exchange for your help to fund our next film project!


For your consideration, you'll receive:

the Script

the Budget

the Treatment

the Distribution Plan



 Now Playing in Film Festivals...

Conversations with GOD (Series)


 "Another Conversation with GOD"

Complaining to GOD leads to an unpleasant command.

This is a sequel to the multi-award nominated "My Conversation with God Didn't Go So Well"  short film.


Multi-Nominations at 7 International Film Festivals including...

Winner "Best Actress: Honorable Mention" by the RED Awards 2023 (France)

Winner  "Best Low Budget Short Film"  by the Absurb Film Festival 2023 (Italy)


Candyce Weir as "GOD"

Starlla Gibson as "A Woman Named Juliette"

Watch an exclusive "sneak peek" by Clicking Here!


"My Conversation with God Didn't Go So Well"

  The original film in the trilogy series:

 August is having a bad day when he decides to give a TV evangelist a piece of his mind.

Suddenly, GOD intercepts the conversation. August thinks it's all a joke and he isn't laughing.

The two hash it out until the conversation ends abruptly... and with lasting consequences.


A short film recognized by fifteen (15) international film festivals... 

in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Paris, Dubai, London, Miami, Ireland, Italy, France, and others.

A film by Jimmy Andrews.

Staring Candyce Weir and Ryan Sloan.

Based on the website: www.myconversationwithgod.com


Send us questions YOU would ask God if you got the chance... We might just use them in the sequel!


 Coming 2024...

"God Doesn't Want to Talk Anymore"

The third film in our series, GOD has grown tired of the humans complaining about their lives and decides to take a more silent approach... but it won't mean her message is any less profound. (Currently in Pre-Production for 2024)


Candyce Weir as "GOD"

Special appearance by "Noah"





Three different women have their lives changed on the same day... at the same time of day... and in less than 360 seconds!

Watch the exclusive "sneak peek" by clicking the link in the description!


 Click to watch the "360" exclusive sneak peek!

* Your $1.99 donation allows us to submit the film to film festivals around the world.


Awarded "Best Women Short" and "Best Ensemble" by the Los Angeles Independent Shorts Festival 2023!


Part 1 : Juliette: Fashion Designer/New York

Part 2: Christina: Dancer/Los Angeles

Part 3: Amy: Actress/Scotland

 Coming 2024...

"TRANSFERENCE" film, book, and song!



Transference Song ~ the Music Video


Lyrics by Jimmy Andrews

Performed by The Vanilla Pirates


Single available on all streaming platforms March 16, 2023




Mama Love (Transference) ~ the Audiobook (Explicit Sample)

What we know about love is what we learned as a child.

What we do with it as an adult decides our true happiness.

The film Transference is based on the book Mama Love.

Written by Jimmy Andrews

Read by Vicki-Jo Eva





Transference ~ the Movie

The only love worth killing for... is family.

Directed by Candyce Weir

Written by Jimmy Andrews


Liz Fletcher as the "PATIENT"

Susan Lavelle as the "THERAPIST"

Current Casting Call for the role of the "MOM"




the "360" song

(music video)

Featured in the upcoming film "360"

Single is now available on all streaming platforms.



"Vanilla Pirates and a Mermaid"

Escape to a magical world full of love, laughter, children, and lots of candy. 

Written by Jimmy Andrews for his first grandson, Greyson.



CLICK HERE to listen to the entire album "Vanilla Pirates and a Mermaid"


"The Old Man and Me"

Based on the famous Ernest Hemingway book "The Old Man and The Sea" this song by Vanilla Palm Music and The Vanilla Pirates applies the lessons learned by Santiago to the real-world lesson of today; love, children, and our basic need for happiness.


Lyrics by Jimmy Andrews

Music by Nino Chikviladze


Official website: https://www.vanillapalmmusic.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0O14R...

Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/van...

Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B0BK...



This explicit music video tells the story of two lovers who must face reality "the next morning" when their time together has expired. The song "Morning" is available for download on all streaming stores on Nov. 22, 2022.


Written and directed by Jimmy Andrews


Vanilla Palm Music

We have planted a new flag on our beach!

Vanilla Palm Films has now added song and music video production.

Our songs are original... Our videos are emotional.

(You can submit your own song lyrics and we will produce your song. YOU get to keep songwriting royalties!)


Official Music Website: www.vanillapalmmusic.com

Spotify Page: Spotify

Apple Music Page: Apple Music

Amazon Page:  Amazon Music

*150+ Stores: Search Vanilla Palm Music


"The Boogie Man"

A music video about learning to love a transgender person.

Now available on all digital streaming music platforms.


Written by Jimmy Andrews


"It'll Have To Do" - filmed in Poland

Featuring Żaneta Wiatrzyk on piano.

Cinematography by Klaudiusz Krupa.

Song was written by Jimmy Andrews.


"It'll Have To Do" with Lyrics

Our first song was released under our newly created music production label Vanilla Palm Music.

Available at your favorite digital music store and includes a music video version.


Performed by Lee Gibson

Written by Jimmy Andrews


Visit our official music website here: www.vanillapalmmusic.com

The Pirate Film Chest ...



The Lost Navigator

The last conversation between aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan before they disappeared forever.

The world knows Earhart's last radio communication with the world, but what about the last 1,000-feet above the South Pacific as Noonan confesses why he decided to take this fateful trip as her celestial navigator.




Behind The Scenes - 'The Lost Navigator'

Go behind the storyline...



Secundum is a supernatural horror set in the world of New York City theater. The story chronicles the life of an aspiring stage actress, Abigail, who's destined to pursue her dreams, but under intense pressure finds herself crumbling to odd hallucinations. As her dreams of performing quickly dissolve, Abigail realizes that her hallucinations are more potent. The thought of conformity manifests itself as a crippling figure in a droned dystopian city.


Directed by AF Madison

Virginia Newcomb as Abigail


Domesticated Animals

Newlyweds, Kate and Christie, are on a tight deadline to find the home of their dreams. Working with a quirky realtor they come across a house with a mysterious past and a past owner that is dying to get back in.


Directed by AF Madison

Madison Dupart as Kate. Paige Bourne as Christie


Watch Full Film Here


Champagne Gypsy

A traveling soul goes back in time to see her childhood sweetheart.

A film by Candyce Weir.

Winner at One-Reeler Short Film Festival in Los Angeles.


Watch the Full Film Here


Cleavage ( in Lithuania)


An American woman turns 50 while on vacation in Lithuania, but a much younger

"Mother Time" tracks her down to collect on a past due arrangement.  


Written & Directed by Jimmy Andrews

Ojaswi Gupta as 'Mother Time'

Candyce Weir as the 'Mid-life woman on vacation' 

*This film has multiple versions filmed around the world.


How To Tell Anything   (Feature Film, Audiobook, and Hardcover Book)

People from around the world confess their secrets by filling in the blanks of one simple sentence:

"I would like to tell my ________ that I ________ because ________."
Based on true confessions…

1: “Larry’s Guilt” - Larry Woods (Texas)   2: “Leslie’s Loss” - Leslie Edkl (Munich, Germany).  3: “Carolyn’s Abuse” - Carolyn Woodville (Arizona)
4: “Edward’s Fuel” - Edward Doyle (Tampa, Florida).  5: “Valentina’s Fear” - Valentina Ooo Contino (Salta, Argentina).  6: “Madison’s Naiveté” - Madison Bailey (Nashville, Tennessee)
7: “Rose’s Forgiveness” - Kelly Rose (Manhattan, New York).  8: “Adri’s Anger” - Adri and Sofi Mendez (Prague, Check Republic).  9: “Elizabeth’s Scar” - Elizabeth Lundan (Los Angeles)
10: “Peg’s Confession” - Peg Farber-Burr (Los Angeles, California).  11: “Hilary’s Betrayal” - Hilary Larivee (Reno, Nevada)
12: “Candyce, Ethan, and Gabriela’s Bully” - Candyce Weir, Ethan Miller, Gabriela Guisti (Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles)

A film by Jimmy Andrews & Candyce Weir





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How To Tell Anything - THE BOOK

BUY the book version of the film!


I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes


   Isabelle promised to marry Robert only if she ever gained her eyesight.

An eye donor gifts her the chance to finally "see" but Isabelle changes her mind about marrying Robert once she looks at her lover for the first time.


Written and Directed by Jimmy Andrews

Jenna Pane as Isabelle


Behind That Door No One Seems To Notice

   Candy is a teenager whose best friend lives on the top floor of a funeral home. She loves to visit and venture "downstairs." Always curious as to what is behind "that door" no one wants to talk about, her curiosity finally gets the best of her.

Based on a true story by Candyce Weir.


Directed by Candyce Weir

Screen adaptation by Jimmy Andrews



Save Rosemary ~ The Trinity


   While asleep in a COVID coma, Rosemary is forced to reexamine her life. Subconsciously, she must now resolve the choices ahead of her once she wakes up - choosing to remain on a road filled with chaos or turn down a new path to clear her conscience. The third film in the trilogy series "Save Rosemary" will leave you re-evaluating your own life and all the choices you made while living it.


This is the third film in the Save Rosemary series.

Click HERE to Rent or Download "Save Rosemary ~ The Trinity"


Director: Jimmy Andrews

Screenwriter: Sophie Max



Save Rosemary Too

   Only one of seven women in the entire world has the right antibodies to produce a vaccine for COVID-19.

Now, the world has voted on which one has been chosen to save us from the virus.


   Since the winner was announced, 3 of those women have gone missing... 2 are pissed off... 1 is plotting revenge... and 1 has slipped into total madness.

This is the sequel film to "Save Rosemary"... and all hell has broken loose.


Click to Stream or Download "Save Rosemary Too"


Director: Jimmy Andrews

Screenwriter: Sophie Max.


Save Rosemary

   A woman named Rosemary finds out she is one of only seven other women who have the right antibodies to create a vaccine for COVID19. There isn't enough serum to inject all seven. A worldwide bidding war is being held in secret to determine which one of the seven will be chosen to receive the serum.

   A research doctor uncovers the covert operation and steals the serum. Her plan is to hand the power back over to the people and allow the world's population to "vote" on which woman is injected and rids us of COVID19.

   The irony? All seven women are named Rosemary!


This is the first in a series of three films...

Click HERE to Stream or Download "Save Rosemary"


Written & Directed by Jimmy Andrews




A mysterious disappearance of eggs from the hen house leads to a shocking revelation.


This short film by Candyce Weir is currently on the festival circuit.


World Monologue Film Festival


Cake & Fireflies

This is the true story of Johannes and Luise Honnens of Bremerhaven, Germany. They were a young couple separated by the war. Their only daughter, Anke, grew up in America without ever knowing her real father. It wasn't until his letters resurfaced some 75 years later did her family learn the truth about Johannes.


Written by Tammy Guinn Brantley and Jimmy Andrews


4 Phone Calls From Amelia

In a world of seven billion people, the chances of finding your "soul mate" are slim to none. But what if?


Amelia (29) meets Finnegan (60) through an unexpected phone call. The two fall in love before ever meeting in person. When their first face-to-face encounter doesn't go as planned, the two must face the consequences of not being totally honest with each other. This is a story about one man's last shot at true love and one younger woman's dream of finding her soul mate.


Click HERE to Stream or Download "4 Phone Calls From Amelia"


Written and Directed by Jimmy Andrews


Mr. Pike

   The man who made the Pike Ibiza Hotel famous as a party paradise tells his story in his own words. It's the place where George Michael, Wham, Julio Iglesias, Boy George, and Freddie Mercury of Queen used to hang out. Learn what really happened when the rich and famous stayed at the legendary hotel in Spain.


AUDIOBOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Pikes-Story-Behind-Legend/dp/0992939771

The original book was written by Tony Pike with Matt Trollope.

Audiobook narrated by Howard J Davey.

Trailer narrated by Jade Asha.

Produced by Vanilla Palm Films


A Mule + A Cow + 5 Jugs of Shine

Based on her true-life story, a young Appalachian woman is sold by her own father in exchange for one mule, one cow, and five jugs of moonshine.


Listen to or Download the audiobook "A Mule... A Cow... and 5 Jugs of Shine"


Written by Karen Wimberley

Narrated by Melissa Lucas-Harlow


A Journey Through Pines

A daughter finds a journal her dad left behind, only to discover there was another woman in his life she knew nothing about. She sets out to find this woman and the reason her father never ended up with the woman he must have loved.


Click to Stream or Download "A Journey Through Pines"


Screenplay Adaptation by Laura De Los Santos

Directed by Jimmy Andrews



Zadie has breast cancer. She can't keep a job or pay her bills. She makes a decision to make money by using the very body part that is killing her. Her webcam clients have to make a choice, too!


Is she... LIVE... or learning to "live."


Watch or Download "Live"


Written by Nora Shychuck

Directed by Jimmy Andrews


Save Rosemary - The Director's Cut w/Extended Scenes

   A woman named Rosemary finds out she is only one of seven other women who have the right antibodies to create a vaccine for COVID19. There isn't enough serum to inject all seven. A worldwide bidding war is being held in secret to determine which one of the seven will be chosen to receive the serum.

   A research doctor uncovers the covert operation and steals the serum. Her plan is to hand the power back over to the people and allow the world's population to "vote" on which woman is injected and rids us of COVID19.

The irony? All seven women are named Rosemary!


This is the first in a series of three films...

Click HERE to Stream or Download "Save Rosemary - The Director's Cut"


Written & Directed by Jimmy Andrews


Samson & Delilah - The Unfinished Chapter

This chapter was left out of the Bible.

It's a modern-day version of the world's greatest love affair.


This film is in pre-production.

Commercial Production


Commercial Production Explainer

Learn how your business can have a commercial like the ones seen at halftime in The Super Bowl for only $3,500.


Before The Big Day... and afterward!

(video package)


Choose three (3) pre-wedding events and let us tell your beautiful story.


Platinum Home Mortgage

A place to call home!


Woodland Furniture

The Tree


Park Place Special Events

A special events venue among the almond orchards in Shafter, California


Johnston Farms

A sixth-generation farm in Bakersfield, California still growing oranges and potatoes.


NSO Entertainment

Making dreams come true for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things.

You can have a commercial like this, too!

Consider our commercial production as "short films" based on your own story.

The cost of a commercial just like this one is $3,500.

Contact us about producing one just for you: melissa@vanillapalmfilms.com

Submit Your Audition




a feature film

A feature film based on the psychological theory that all of us bring our childhood experiences with us into our adult relationships. But what happens when our true self is not so pretty - taboo even? This is a thriller that deals with the inner-working relationships of characters who need to be accepted for who they are. It deals with many taboo issues such as incest and intra-family sexual conduct. A MOM is having an affair with her son-in-law. The daughter is fully aware and condones the affair. The daughter is in therapy and falls in love with her THERAPIST - seeing her as the nurturing motherly figure she never had in her own mother. The therapist is actually the MOM in her younger life. She now suffers from dementia so we can't be certain if she has mixed up the stories she heard from patients over the years, or if these events really happened. When the HUSBAND is murdered, we aren't sure if the therapist killed him on behalf of her patient, or if MOM is making it all up. It's a thrilling entanglement that strikes at the soul of our need to transfer our deepest feelings onto our adult relationships.
NOTE: Only video auditions using the attached script will be considered. This film will require brief nudity and/or contains simulated sexual situations between the two characters being cast. Only breasts will be shown on camera for 10 seconds during a simulated oral sex scene in the back of a car.

Click here for the Script.

MOM auditions should read:
1-Page 5; Lines 89-119 (depicts MOM as stable and before her dementia sets in)
2-Page 14; Lines 233-242 (depicts MOM with dementia).

HUSBAND auditions should read:
1-Page 6; Lines 102-119

Click to Download the script to use as your video audition.


*Submit your audition using the guidelines 1-5 above.




Acting Classes (Session #1)

Over six weeks, we’ll teach you how to…

  • Prepare for the character you are going to play…
  • How to memorize lines…
  • How to deliver believable lines with pacing and contrast…
  • How to make your voice and your body work together…
  • How to stop listening to yourself and get out of your own head space…
  • How to listen to your scene partner without being thrown off track…
  • How to be vulnerable…
  • Learn what to do, and what not to do, when answering a casting call…
  • How to set up and record a self-recorded audition…
  • How to do more than act, such as direct or produce.


You’ll learn from a real director, writer, producer, and casting director… all from the comfort of your own home.

Sign Up for Acting Class




Acting Advice >

Casting Director Christina Andrews interviews

Vanilla Palm Films' co-founding chairman and

 Canadian actress Candyce Weir about acting...

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The inaugural film, art, and music festival in 'America's First Settlement' on the white-sand beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

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Vanilla Palm Film Festival & International Art Competition ~ 2021-22 / California

  Our mission is simple... to reward good storytellers and showcase their talent to the world regardless of their budget or resume. And we aren't like any other film festival on the planet because we bring the festival to YOU!


Watch the Festival's Winning Films!!!


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 The "Pirates"


Candyce Weir

Executive Producer ~ Canada




Jimmy Andrews

Executive Producer ~ United States




Christina Andrews

Casting Director ~ United States


Susan Lavelle

Director of Acquisitions


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