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Mama Love and Her Spilled Milk (Audiobook)

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Mama Love and Her Spilled Milk - Audiobook (4hrs 21min)

The therapist has a problem. Her patient is in love with her. The therapist has romantic feelings for her patient, too. Meanwhile, the patient's husband is having an affair with his wife's mother. The daughter is fully aware of their taboo relationship and embraces it. The functioning chaos unravels when one of them is poisoned. The only person who knows who did it has dementia and can't be considered competent. It's a complicated love story, but so is the path of life.

Mama Love and Her Spilled Milk is about the profound influence a mother's love has within the family circle and how her children are always searching for the same kind of love in their adult relationships. This kind of love is woven into our DNA and guides us even when we do not realize it. And it can cause us to do some bad things in the name of love. Murder is one of them. Yes, crimes of passion committed in the heat of the moment are real.

The psychological phenomenon known as transference and countertransference is also a real human experience. Both emotions weave through this tale of taboo love as the character's journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

To fully understand the repressed motives of the characters in Mama Love, you'll journey alongside them through a new psychotherapy technique that allows us to tap into their genetic memory bank where they can re-live the memories passed down to them from their ancestors. This epigenetic methodology allows a person to activate one of their parent’s memories, transferred to them during the embryonic stage of life.

Under hypnosis, a descendant can recall and experience ancestral memories as if they were their own memories. Think of it as time travel inside the mind, but on a timeline track that belonged to a parent, a grandparent, a great-grandparent, and so on. A word of caution, you’ll need to be open-minded about the items discovered in their lost baggage.

Written by Jimmy Andrews

Narrated by Vicki Jo Eva

Liz Fletcher as The Patient

Susan Lavelle as The Therapist

Debra Gordon as The Mom

William W. Wallace as The Boyfriend

Jimmy Andrews as The Husband

Peter McGiffen as The Detective

Candyce Weir as The Prosecutor

Jennifer Still as The Receptionist

Andrew Hobdy as The Attorney

Anna Heath as The Caregiver

Vicki Jo Eva as Ana the Therapist

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"Mama Love & her Spilled Milk" delves into the depths of erotic psychological thriller territory with a Freudian twist. The audiobook benefits greatly from stellar narration with top-notch performances, enhancing the immersive experience for listeners. I found the writing itself skillful, providing enough detail to vividly imagine scenes and settings while allowing for seamless transitions in time."

Jas Tess