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The Bucket List - Song

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The Bucket List

Where is the sailor

No I can not say

Boat drifts alone

Way out on the bay

Caught up in nets

With the red starfish

I wait right here

My bucket and a list


Begs me not to leave

I did it anyway

Told her not to cry

Never will I stay away

So many times

I met her here before

Today is like no other

Evens up the score

I close my eyes

Where do we go n hide

Where has she gone

I think I’ll wait inside


Sing me a song I never will forget

How storms will call, certain to collect… our debt

A simple room

I love my perfume

Twirl her dress

I only make a mess

Fly on the wall

A witness to it all

I say goodbye

No reason for the why


Shore seems too far, the storm closes near

There is no note, and makes it all so clear


Way over here I know she is still so near to me

I can’t move on ’til I know she’s gone can’t you see?

Instrumental Bridge





I have a list to do

Still in love with you

Your Derby Hat

A Key West Cat

A Bucket of sand

And a Sailor man

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