Save Rosemary ~ The Trinity

Rosemary must now choose between... Reality or Conscience... Chaos or Compassion. A cure for COVID-19 hangs in the balance. The third film in the trilogy series "Save Rosemary" will leave you re-evaluating your own life and all the choices you make while living it.  This film premieres on New Year's Day 2021.  Director: Jimmy Andrews  Screenwriter: Sophie Max. The Cast:  Dr. Abigail Kincaid - Candyce Weir.  Rosemary - Clemeen Connolly.  Rosemary #1 - Tracey Collis.  Rosemary #2 - Charlotte Gould.  Rosemary #3 - Erkida Rista.  Rosemary #4 - Bronté Stanfield.  Rosemary #5 - Sara Inoa.  Rosemary #6 - Sarah Elisabeth Flinton.  Rosemary #7 - Pat Goddard.  Rosemary #9 - Angelica Compas.  Rosemary #10 - Jesi Stracham.  Teenager Rosemary - Brooke Michelle.  Rosemary #3 Partner - Marcus Georges.  Marina - Charlotte Mounter.  Remi - Sandy Singh.  Dr. Harriet Verth - Melissa De Mol.  Psychiatrist - Alistair Findlay.  Journalist - Sonya Peña.  Sister Alice - Susie DeJesus.  Medicine Woman - Myra Lanctot.  News Anchor - Dianne Paukstelis.  Doctor Sisk - Ecow Smith-Asante.  Rosemary #7 Daughter - Rose Goddard.  Rosemary #7 Husband - Mark Goddard.  Rosemary #9 Bed Partner - Adonis Alcime.  Costa Rican Natives: Maykol Judiel Garcia Mendoza; Harold Ariel Garcia Mendoza; Martha Selidey Mendoza Gaitan; Marcial Santana Garcia Angulo.                   WATCH SAVE ROSEMARY ~ THE TRINITY:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/saverosemarytrinity

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